Watercrickets on a stream
Velia caprai
Water crickets

These two Water crickets are standing on a quit rapid streaming part of a brook in Holland. The Water crickets themselves are not depicted very sharp, but what matters here are the dimples that are pressed in the water surface by them and the water plants: there are strange radiant light stripes in them. The dimples also cast shadows on the bottom. There are FOUR clear shadows, the middle legs don't press the surface! You can also see two flatworms (Dugesia gonocephala) on the bottom. On the picture below the dimples in the water surface are very striking. Again: FOUR dimples, the Water cricket only stands on the front and hind legs. The feet of these legs are held longitudinal with respect to the body, they work as a sled. The middle legs are used as oars that are not thrusted IN the water, they just touch the surface.

Water crickets on a stream, dents in the water surface visible

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