sigara legs, head, seen from beneath
Sigara falleni
Lesser water boatman, head and front legs

You can recognise that this a male of the species by the wide, or better: high feet (tarsi). I think it's remarkable that the bow of the foot has the same arc as as the contour of the head. It might help in brushing the head neatly. Notice the typical row of short spines on the tarsi (the slanted stripes). Further visible: a "beard" on the beak, the enveloping air bubble and the thinness of the head and the snout. Below: on the first picture one of the front legs, with enhanced contrast. On the foot, which is called pala (shovel) because of the wide shape, is a line of spines which are called pala pegs. The manner in which they are placed on the pala(e) is a determination mark and here it points to Sigara falleni. On the second picture an example of the female's front legs, the right one is also pictured on the last picture. The female's foot is clearly less high and the row of pegs is absent.

sigara, front leg male sigara, front legs female
sigara, front leg female


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