Hydrometra with water-flea 17-06-2001
Hydrometra with Eurycercus
Water-measurer with Water-flea

This Water-measurer had a fat catch: Eurycercus lamellatus, a water-flea that often sits on stems of water plants and thus makes a good target for the flashing spear the sucking mouth of the Water-measurer is. It's a miraculous performance: we humans may learn how to spear a fish, but imagine that spear attached to and moved by your head! The little crustacean is injected with digestive fluids and after that sucked in as "protein porridge". This Water-measurer caught more water-fleas within a few minutes, this one was it's best catch. The Hydrometra is a last instar larva, the adult can be seen on this page. A day later the larva had a moulting, first I thought the bug had perished, but later it appeared to be the skin that was shed off....

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