Micronectae on sand bottom
Micronecta species

In it's natural habitat you will allways see Micronecta form this side, because it lives in shallow waters. The oval shape is obvious, as is the fact that the head is broader then the pronotum, the backshield of the first breastsegment. Notice the bug-typical wingform.

Micronecta, scutellum

The scutellum, (little shield) is also clearly visible from the top, the triangle which is dark in the sketch below. It is the mesonotum, the backshield of the second breastsegment, which at other species of lesser water boatmen is cloaked by the pronotum and the cover wings. Only on Micronecta species it is visible.

Micronecta, scutellum
twee micronectae op zand Click on the picture on the right for a photo of two Micronecta specimen which seem to be colored more greyish.

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