Micronectae larva on sandbottom Micronectae larva on sandbottom
Micronecta species
Micronecta, larva

The larva on the first picture looks less oval shaped than the other at first glance,but the eye is misled by the transparency of it's margin. Between the orange spots on the back and the green side markings you see two lighter lines: presumably the head trachea or breathing tubes, which end in the strange attachments at the aft. On the right side of the insect is clearly visible. Between the green spots and the clear margin you may see little white dots: the stigmata or breathing openings. The larva have not covering elytrae and thus are not capable of storing breathing air on their backs, the bubble on the belly also doesn't seem to be present. At this development stage the larva are not going to the surface to get breathing air, but use skin breathing. The larva on the second picture looks a bit more solid and the first wing development looks to have started. Mark the two dark spots, this may be stinking glands, which on these larva don't produce a defensive odour but may have a function in breathing.

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