prestwichia aquatica 19-05-2013
Prestwichia aquatica
Size: 1.0 mm

This parasitic wasp is just under a millimeter in size and is therefore likely to be often overlooked. The first one I saw was walking on the waterside of an aquarium window, it was only years later that I came across this specimen, in a catch from a ditch on Terschelling (a Dutch island). In the photo above, the wasp is clambering underwater through some filamentous algae.

Prestwichia is a genus in the Trichogrammatidae family, from Trichos = hair. The wings of this parasitic wasp family have a hairline. This specimen is a wingless female, the wings are reduced to small stubs (with hairs) that can be seen in the photo above.

Prestwichia aquatica 19-05-2013


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