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Eurycercus lamellatus
Eurycercus lamellatus
Eurycercus lamellatus, under side

Two photo's of the under side of Eurycercus lamellatus. On the top photo the corner of the (forward bent) abdomen is visible, it protrudes from the scale opening with two tail hairs. I was thinking the name of Eurycercus genus might come from these tail hairs: Greek eury = wide, broad and Latin cercus, (plural cerci) = tail appendage, the name would in that case point to the wide spread tail hairs. But cercus is from the Greek kerkos, tail and Eurycercus has a broad tail abdomen, and the name is Eurycercus and not Eurycerci, so the name Eurycercus might just mean: broad tail? If anyone knows, please e-mail me! The final end of the tail points forward and has two end claws (not visible) with the water flea clamps itself on the plant.
On the picture below Eurycercus attached to an aquarium window, the head with the big eye at right on the picture. The opening in the bottom part of the scale is well visible, here the legs of this crustacean are positioned. The tail is bent forward again and the claws are the two little black hooks.

Eurycercus lamellatus

Below another picture of the same Eurycercus hanging from a water plant, again the head on the right. The large eggs, probably winter eggs in the breeding pouch are well visible here. More on winter eggs on the page about water fleas.

Eurycercus lamellatus

At last Eurycercus seen from above. The crustacean has the form of an inverted waterdrop which gives it great streamlining and with that high speed while swimming.

Eurycercus lamellatus

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