Graptodytes pictus -
Graptodytes pictus sitting
Graptodytes pictus at the surface

The name of the Genus Graptodytes means: "Painted diver" (Greek Grapto - painted, dytes - diver). The specific name pictus is Latin for "painted" (think of: picture). So there is a double nomination of the striking colour pattern of this beetle. But the small size (2.2 millimeters) makes this pattern less conspicuous to the naked eye, at a first glimpse it's just another one of those many tiny diving beetles...

Graptodytes pictus on the suface

A funny thing with this little beetle: when in a tiny aquarium it swam a great deal of the time vertical, with its head above the water, something I haven't seen with other beetles (see picture in the middle). Now and then the beetle rested floating on the surface, as shown on the left picture.

Graptodytes pictus, head above the surface Graptodytes pictus respirating at the surface

When Graptodytes pictus is respirating at the surface, so as seen from behind, it looks a bit like a wasps head (right picture).

Graptodytes pictus climbing
The beetle is a good climber and leaves the water with ease.
Graptodytes pictus under side The under side has a red brown colour.
groove in neck shield Graptodytes
There is a little groove on both sides of the neckshield.

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